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At the heart of our commitment is delivering seamless end-to-end event planning and execution solutions that redefine exceptional experiences. Our versatile expertise encompasses strategic planning, creative conceptualization, comprehensive vendor management, and flawless execution. We leverage technology, optimize budgets, and adapt to industry trends, fostering collaborative client relationships. Our commitment extends beyond the event day, conducting post-event analysis for ongoing enhancement, transforming each occasion uniquely.

​Corporate Events

Build the perfect corporate event setup with us! Success hinges on choosing the right event planner. 

Venue | Audio & Video | MC | Catering | Design & Printing | Logistics

Award Ceremonies and Red Carpet Events

Maximize your brand with our expertise in orchestrating impeccable Award Ceremonies and Red Carpet Events, where every detail is designed for distinction.


Red Carpet Setup | Awards and Trophies | MC | Entertainment | LED Screens | Audio Setup


Investment Events

Maximize investment potential with our expert event planning—crafting dynamic events that merge financial insight and strategic networking for success.

Venue | VIP Invitations | Media & PR | Registration and Check-in | Q&A Sessions | Audio and Video setup 

Community Events (CSR)

Craft a community event that makes a lasting impression! Plan a successful event with the right planner.  

Venue | VIP Invitations | Media & PR | Registration and Check-in | Q&A Sessions | Audio and Video setup 

Gala Dinner & Networking Events

Establish your event in a thriving setting. Socialize, connect, and everlasting strong networks while we handle all the other details! 

Venue | Permits | Branding | Promotion & Marketing | Food & Beverage | Documentation

Product Launches

A HYPE-worthy new product launch plan starts here! You will be guided at every step with experts from our team. 

Stage Setup | Audio Setup | LED Screens | Hosts and Entertainment | Furniture | Tables

Conferences & Exhibitions

Embark on crafting the ideal exhibition design and setup with us! The essential element for a successful exhibition lies in selecting the right event planner. 

Shell Scheme | AV - Projectors | Help Desk | Booth Installations | Hosts | Ambiance Setup


Team Building Activities

Unleash team synergy with our expert event planning team, crafting innovative and engaging team-building activities that foster collaboration and ignite the spirit of unity in your organization. 

Activities | Venue | Food & Beverages | Audio Setup | Logistics | Photography and Videography 


We offer a full Media & PR service to our Partners to develop strategies and implement integrated tactics across a wide variety of platforms to further create differentiated positioning and align business objectives with amplifying the organization's message.

Media plans

Plan and implement an impeccable media plan with our expertise. Allow us to assist you in shaping your narrative. 

Audience Analysis | Channel Selection | Message Crafting | Media Buying 

Strategic communication

Thoughtfully crafted strategic communication to effectively convey your message.

Development | Integrated Communication | Crises Management

Press Release

Venue | VIP Invitations | Media & PR | Registration and Check-in | Q&A Sessions | Audio and Video setup 

Content Creation

Venue | Permits | Branding | Promotion & Marketing | Food & Beverage | Photography & Documentation

Crises Management

Stage Setup | Audio Setup | LED Screens | Hosts and Entertainment | Furniture

Positive PR

Shell Scheme | AV - Projectors | Help Desk | Booth Installations| Ambiance Setup

Brand positioning

Activities | Venue | Food & Beverages | Audio Setup | Photography and Videography 


We create seamless entertainment and concept creation for clubs, lounges, and restaurants, including live concerts. From strategic planning to flawless execution, we manage performers such as dancers, DJs, singers, and musicians. Adapting to industry trends and optimizing budgets, our commitment extends beyond events, ensuring each experience is uniquely transformative.​


Create exciting concepts to keep your guests engaged. Our team of talented artists will bring these imaginative ideas to life, ensuring an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Singers | Dancers | Design | Promotions | Special Guest invites 

Live Concerts

Immerse in dynamic live concerts with 963 Events – your top choice for seamless execution and unforgettable musical experiences. 

Venue | Stage setup | Artists | LED Screens | Audio 

Dancers, DJs, Singers and Musicians Management

Discover the magic of our talented artists, creating unforgettable moments at every event. Let our talents transform your evening into pure magic. 

Dancers | Singers | Musicians | Promotions 


Central to our dedication is the provision of seamless end-to-end solutions for digital marketing strategies that redefine outstanding experiences. Our diverse proficiency includes strategic planning, creative conceptualization and impeccable execution. We harness technology, optimize budgets, and align with industry trends to cultivate collaborative client relationships. Our commitment extends beyond the campaign period, conducting post-campaign analysis for continuous improvement, transforming each digital marketing initiative uniquely.

Social Media Marketing
Facebook | Instagram | Tiktok | Linkedin

Research & Analysis
Competitor Analysis | Market Analysis

Community Management
Social Media Community Management

Paid Ad Campaigns
Social Media Ads & Google Ads Campaign Management

Social Media Posts | Flyers | Rollups 

Website Development
Word Press | Wix

Search Engine Optimization
Keyword Research & Management

Photoshoots | Product Shoots

Video production
Reels | Videos

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